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Nicollette Ramirez is an art dealer, writer, producer and events organizer, nurturing artists and promoting their work. Nicollette’s projects have often combined artists from diverse backgrounds working in different media in various locations. Nicollette named her company Beez And Honey when in 2006 one of her artists suggested she change the name of her art activities to something else than Sexy Girls Productions. Nicollette was inspired by Tom Beale's studio cum gallery named Honey Space, around the corner from the Chelsea Art Museum where she worked at that time. Her art history studies also informed her choice as bees were a symbol of royalty in the French monarchy and appear in other art historical references. Nicollette also wanted to highlight the plight of the bees who were suffering a mysterious mass die off in the early 2000s, which continues today and has been attributed to the indiscriminate use of pesticides. Sacred geometry, the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence play a role as well in the hexagonal figure of the flower and honeycomb imagery. The style of the logo is taken from spray paint, stenciling and wheat paste in street art. The logo is designed by Stanley Chow, a well known illustrator from Manchester, England.

Beez And Honey
An independent arts initiative showcasing the work of emerging artists in different locales, nationally and internationally. To date, exhibitions have been organized in Trinidad and Tobago April 2009, Miami during Art Basel December 2009, New York City during the Armory March 2010, and Berlin during Artforum October 2010. Recently planned an exhibition, the first of its type, combining local and foreign artists at the National Museum and Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago (January 5-26, 2011).

With an emphasis on a return to the source of creativity, Beez and Honey promotes artists, as well as the experience of art itself, with performances and other art forms such as film and music.



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